Graibox helps you tell your story.

We write articles for you to help search engines and prospective clients understand who you are and what you offer. You may have a good product, service, story, or message that you want to get out, but if people can’t find you and search engines don’t know to direct people to you then you can’t change the world. Check out Graibox’s different playbooks that can help us, help you. 

These playbooks are ways that you can see how Graibox can be used. Articles can be blog posts, but they can also be targeted towards helping your company’s SEO efforts. 

Playbook #1

Location Pages

Ranking for the cities you service is incredibly important and Graibox can create articles that will allow prospective clients to find you when they search “near me”.   

Playbook #2

Turn Your Book into Articles

Graibox can turn your book in to articles that sound just like you. We use your book as a database and pull the most talked about key words and phrases from your book to create articles in your voice.