Leveled Playing Field

Large players are already using AI to push the boundaries of content creation and driving traffic to their websites. All websites compete on the same playing field. Graibox is here to level the playing field.

Content Velocity

Graibox is a content velocity tool that blends human and AI. Graibox automatically creates drafts based on the campaign inputs that are provided, publishes after being edited, and then improves inputs based on measurement.

ai is here

We now live in a world augmented by artificial intelligence. AI is emerging as a driving force for businesses worldwide. Currently, digital content creation is too slow and Pay per Click is too expensive. Graibox bridges the gap.

Why did you build a website?

Marketing websites are build to generate revenue. They do this by getting page visits that convert to leads that convert to clients.

Your sales team worries about converting leads into clients.

Your SEO team worries about converting visits into leads.

20x your current output.

We love working with Marketing Agencies

SEO is like a multiplier on a website’s content. If an SEO agency can generate 10% or 20% or 50% more leads through their expertise, imagine what can be done with 100’s of additional pages.